LG NanoCell Mini LED 4K TV review – you’ll be fighting over the remote

LG is well known for its OLED TVs, but its new NanoCell Mini LED TV is a stunning option with excellent picture quality, impressive black levels and a powerful easy-to-navigate

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 04/04/2024

How many calories do I burn a day – and how many calories do I need to lose weight?

If you’re monitoring your weight, you’re probably interested to know how many calories you burn in a day.  It makes sense, considering that calorie counting is one of the most

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 12/04/2024

Fetch Mighty (Gen 4) review – a powerful PVR that meets all your content needs

The new Fetch Mighty (Gen 4) might not look much different from the previous model but under the hood it is has the power to keep up with the entertainment

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 13/04/2024


How to cook tuna steak

We have useful advice on where to source the best quality tuna, and our favourite

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 02/04/2024

How to cook runner beans

30/03/2024 10 Min Read

How to make a tsunami cake

15/04/2024 17 Min Read

How to cook jackfruit

28/03/2024 10 Min Read

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How to wash your face properly, according to the experts

Knowing how to wash your face properly can transform your skin. This is the cleansing routine the experts recommend... It might seem basic but, finding out how to wash your

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Microsoft Surface Go 3 review – Windows 11 tablet that can be used as a laptop

Windows 11 is here and there are plenty of devices running the new operating system including Microsoft’s own Surface Go 3 tablet which can also be used like a laptop.Here you’re

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How to make a tsunami cake

Follow Juliet Sear's step-by-step guide on how to make a tsunami cake. From funfetti sponge to double cream icing, discover everything you need to know about making a tsunami cake.

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 15/04/2024 17 Min Read

Hair trend: Going grey gracefully

These glamorous ladies have gone back to their roots and embraced going grey gracefully, or have dyed it as a new style. Don’t they look gorgeous? It’s a natural part

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 15/04/2024 6 Min Read

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra review – the biggest tablet with giant potential

That’s not a tablet – now that’s a tablet! The Crocodile Dundee reference shows that what you think is big for a tablet is nothing compared to the massive Samsung

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 15/04/2024 6 Min Read

How to use up leftover Halloween pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin for Halloween? Make the most of it with our quick and easy leftover pumpkin ideas. Pumpkins. We barely see them all year and then October comes around

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 15/04/2024 11 Min Read

Do jeans shrink in the dryer? We’ve asked the experts

Unlike your standard laundry pile, jeans can be a lot more complicated. Do jeans shrink in the dryer is a question that crops up numerous times with many wondering if

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