How to make a tsunami cake

Follow Juliet Sear's step-by-step guide on how to make a tsunami cake. From funfetti sponge to double cream icing, discover everything you need to know about making a tsunami cake.

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 05/05/2023

Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio review – a powerful and flexible solution for creators

Microsoft is enjoying a great run with its Surface laptops, and it has taken a step up with the new Surface Laptop Studio which has an adjustable display to suit

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 25/05/2023

DJI Mic review – a versatile audio recording system for content creators

You might know DJI mainly for its excellent drones and it has a range of products designed to help you capture video – but now it can help you capture

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 15/05/2023


Minecraft cupcakes

These creative Minecraft cupcakes are by cupcake expert and cake decorator Victoria Threader. The kids

Ferdinand Melissa Ferdinand Melissa 16/05/2023

How to cook rice

07/05/2023 11 Min Read

How to make a tsunami cake

05/05/2023 17 Min Read

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How to make classic S’mores

Wondering how to make S'mores? Our simple guide will show you how... They’re the ultimate American treat, synonymous with campfires, barbeques, boy scouts and girl scouts alike. S'mores are gooey

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What to eat before a workout: The best food to eat before the gym

Choosing what to eat before a workout is a decision not to be taken lightly - with your meal or healthy snack being the difference between a good performance and

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Have we really been applying our DEODORANT all wrong?

We know what you're thinking. How on earth can you spray or swipe something into an armpit incorrectly?! However, while it sounds simple, it is possible that you've been putting

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How many calories do I burn a day – and how many calories do I need to lose weight?

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Benefits of apple cider vinegar, 16 scientifically-backed tips

Apple cider vinegar has many benefits, from a natural health remedy to a cleaning product.  People have used apple cider vinegar for years as a healthy cooking ingredient and natural

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